The 31st Annual Children Come First Conference 

Nov 15-16th, 2021

Kalahari Resort and Conference Center

Wisconsin Dells, WI  

Keynote Speaker
Hector Matascastillo

Hector is trained in DBT, EMDR (Certified Therapist, Approved Consultant and Trainer), and developed batterer intervention programs. Most of his work deals with the effects of trauma in people's lives and its behavioral manifestations. The clients he treats vary in issues, from individual to family issues, and from seemingly simple to highly complex cases. Hector’s strengths are in the area of stabilizing clients to be able to do their trauma work and then improve their relationships. He wants to stop people’s suffering so they can live an abundant life. A life of joy. A life worth living. Shame and guilt are overwhelming. Whatever it is one did quickly becomes enmeshed with who they are. Trauma reorganizes our world and shame disallows the ability to see beyond the "new normal". Hector doesn't believe that way; he believes all can change and that labels don't define a person.

Please join us as Professor Matascastillo shares his riveting personal story in his key note address.

Hector Matascastillo was in a razzed state, armed with two unloaded pistols, facing what he thought was an armed enemy combatant with a gun aimed at him. In his mind, the highly decorated former U.S. Army Ranger and Minnesota National Guard first sergeant was on urban combat patrol in hostile territory. In reality, Matascastillo was undergoing a mental meltdown in the front yard of his split-level home in Lakeville as a winter snowstorm bore down on the Twin Cities on Jan. 24, 2004.

The “enemy” was, in fact, an off-duty cop, a combat vet himself who moments earlier was seated on a park bench nearby, contemplating suicidal thoughts, when he was interrupted by a 911 dispatcher’s call about a domestic disturbance involving another veteran.

Tune in on Nov 16th 2021 and learn how he overcame his personal obstacles.

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